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SECTION 1 Month Update - November
Surprising Mask Math

To stop the spread of COVID-19, we need to keep the virus effective reproduction rate, Rt, beneath 1. When this happens, on average, a contagious person will infect less than one person, and the epidemic will grind to a halt. So how many people need to wear a 50% effective mask to stop the spread of COVID-19? This interactive essay lets you predict then answer to this question (
10/05/2020 - Hidden Women: The Art of WWI Camouflage (When the United States entered World War I in 1917, both men and women helped out in the war effort.
09/07/2020 - A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged- A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis
Thomas Smith
07/20/2020 - Phalanx -
The Raytheon Phalanx Close-In Weapon System is a rapid-fire, computer-controlled, radar-guided gun system designed to defeat close-in air and surface threats.
Spoiler alert: this is computer graphics
07/13/2020 - Cars in 1940 had about 15,000 parts and weighted 3,000 pounds. The B-24 Liberator Bomber had 450,000 parts, 360,000 rivets and weighed 18 tons. Ford was up for the challenge and produced 1 aircraft per hour at the Willow Run assembly plant helping to win World War II.
06/29/2020 - An interesting article by
By Peter Holderith who advises "The Chrysler Corporation (yes, the car company) used to have an aerospace department."
06/22/2020 - A video created by minutephysics illustrates "The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks" It is informative and interesting to realize the physics behind the mask
06/15/2020 - Lear Corp.   created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Covid-19 book for their company.  It is  comprehensive and can be used by many companies or as a starting point for you own SOP
03/23/2020 - Shelter-in-place - Several companies have stepped forward and offered free educational assistance including Audible and Scholastic
02/17/2020 -  Rheannon chose Pangaea and Plate Tectonics as part of a presentation for a 3rd grade curriculm
  02/02/2020 - The lastest update to Kids-That-Code Manual including input by Marko Thiele (SCALE GmbH, Germany) in Chapter 11
  Rheannon is tired of coding and robotics, so it’s time to move on to other STEM activities. All children love to build structures with wooden or cardboard blocks. I decided to introduce Rhea to building “Molecules”. (pdf)
  Continuing with EV3 I made some modifications to the build so I could include all 4 sensors that came with the kit. The 2 videos shown in the pdf this week, show the Parrot drone and EV3 navigating a 1m square.
  Lego Mindstorms EV3 is for you, and if your child finds you playing with it you may have to share. Lego has certainly come a long way from the small multi-colored
brick sets. - PDF of this week's Lego Review
                                     Over the last 2 weeks Rheannon and I have been coding a Parrot Jumping Night Drone (2.86MB) These drones have been discontinued and the remaining stock is being sold at a significant discount on Amazon ($37 - $50).
  Drone Obstacle Course - Rheannon is very excited. She is old enough to enter a project in the school science fair. Her project is writing code to direct a drone to navigate an obstacle course.
  WeDo 2.0 ages 7+ pdf
I’m certain that all readers of this Blog have introduced their children to Duplo and LEGO building blocks. What you may not be aware of are the excellent LEGO Educational Kits and teacher resources.

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