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 Not To Miss - LS-DYNA
      by Yanhua


The below paper was presented/published or co-authored by LSTC engineers.

03/25/2019 - Tube Adaptivity for Mesh Fission/Fusion in LS-DYNA - H. Fan - A new feature named tube adaptivity for sheet metal forming is implemented in LS-DYNA

Previous 4 papers not to miss:

03/11/2019 - Occupant Modeling workshops can be found at LSTC website 

03/18/2019 - An Enhancement of LS-DYNA® XFEM Shells for Dynamic Ductile Failure Analysis  Y. Guo - This paper presents an enhancement of LS-DYNA XFEM shell method [30] for dynamic ductile failure in shell structures.

03/04/2019 - Increasing the Scale of LS-DYNA Implicit Analysis - R. Lucas - Cray, LSTC, NCSA, and Rolls-Royce formed a partnership to explore the future of implicit computations as the scale of both finite element models and the systems they run on increase

02/25/2019 - Smoothed Particle Galerkin Method with a Momentum-Consistent Smoothing Algorithm for coupled Thermal-Structureal analysis - X. Pan - This paper introduces a momentum-consistent smoothing algorithm to Smoothed Particle Galerkin (SPG) method [1] in LS-DYNA® for the coupled thermal-structural analysis.