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 Not To Miss - LS-DYNA
      by Yanhua


The below paper was presented/published by LSTC and/or Distributors. 
08/19/2019 - B. Wainscott (LSTC)
Dynamic Load Balancing

 Previous Weeks of papers not to miss:
08/12/2019 - A. Basudhar (LSTC) 
Adaptive Sampling using LS-OPT

08/05/2019 - G. Blankenhorn, J. Wang, R. Grimes, F.-H. Rouet (LSTC), J. Ong (Rolls-Royce)
Using a Rolls-Royce representative engine model to evaluate scalability of LS-DYNA thermal solvers

07/29/2019 - G. Blankenhorn, (LSTC),Validation of a Thermal Radiation Problem using                               

07/22/2019 - G. Flint, (Arup)  Use of LS-DYNA for Structural Fire Engineering

07/08/2019 - C. Goubel (DynaS+)  Vehicle Restraint System Optimization and Robustness Assessment using the Coupling between LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and DEP MeshWorks Software

07/01/2019 - T. Kuroiwa (JSOL)  Tool Cooling Simulation for Hot Forming II. Experiments and Simulations

06/24/2019 - G. Laird - Predictive Engineering Impact Analysis of Polymeric Additive Manufactured Lattice Structures

06/17/2019 - F. Adrade - DYNAMORE -
    A Hosford-based orthotropic plasticity model in LS-DYNA                                                                                                   
06/10/2019 -  M. LeGarre - DYNAS+  Parachute Deployment Simulations using LS-DYNA ICFD Solver and Strong FSI Coupling.  

06/03/2019 - LSTC - X. Zhu - Advances in LS-DYNA for Metal Forming (I)  

05/27/2019 -    DYNAmore GmbH -  S. Mattern  -
Facing Future Challenges in Crash Simulation Engineering – Model Organization, Quality and Management at Porsche 

05/20/2019 - ITOCHU - R. Akita - Dynamic Constitutive Model for Polymers with Considering Strength-Differential Effect and Strain Rate Dependency.      
 05/13/2019 - LSTC - N. Stander - DIC-based Full-Field Calibration using LS-OPT: An Update.   
05/06/2019 - LSTC - An Enhancement of LS-DYNA® XFEM Shells for Dynamic Ductile Failure Analysis - Y. Guo 

04/29/2019 -LSTC  - Advances in LS-DYNA for Metal Forming (I)  - X. Zhu

04/15/2019 - DYNAmore Nordic - Rapid Simulation of Welding and AM usuing LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost - M. Schill

04/15/2019 - d3View - Workflow based Material Characterization for LS-DYNA in d3View - S. Bala -

04/08/2019 - DYNAmore GmbH - Modeling of Crazing in Rubber-toughened Polymers with LS-DYNA® - M. Helbig

04/01/2019 An Enhancement of LS-DYNA XFEM Shells for Dynamic Ductile Failure Analysis - Y. Guo -