Guests Hooo You Missed

    By:  Marsha

      February 17, 2020


I love drinking coffee and this section.  I get to read blogs, notices and share them.  

02/17 Recommended by J.Racso.     Personally, I (Marsha)  wish I kept my Chevy S-10.

Crash Test 2019 Pickup Trucks – F150, Ram, Tundra, Titan
02/10  Riding a horse that bucks I know below is needed! Coffee this week is Watch that Buck Vanilla.

Kaitlin Tyler - Exploring the Important Challenges of Medical Device Design
02/03  I supplied the cup cakes.  After all, what is champagne without cupcakes.
Streamlining Innovation by Drinking Our Own Champagne By James R. Scapa
01/27  SO, what's a Complete vehicle CAD extraction you ask?  I had no clue, so this was informative.   Mr. Jesper Bäcklund from China Euro Vehicle Technology AB
01/20 I advise that this is a video not to miss!   GO Eric! (that was a cheer, I think now called a shout out)  Bringing reality into the virtual world - Mr. Eric Dehoff from Honda R&D Americas Inc.
01/13  Best way to simulate a human body?  Use a human body model.   THUMS - Total Human Model for Safety  Video
01/06 - Gotta love this blog by Bill Kemp - who doesn't love Hot Chocolate!  Or any chocolate!

Simulating Holiday Hot Chocolate: Gateway to Industrial Multiphase