Guests Not To Miss

    By:  Marsha

      September 21, 2020


I love drinking coffee and this section.  I get to read blogs, notices, interesting software, and share them.  

CADFEM -  ITficient and CADFEM presents the new service of a valve manufacturer for oil & gas conveyors

09/14/2020 - Doesn't below remind you of my Coffee Competence Center?  NO?  Okay then let's visit DYNAmore:

Material Competence Center offers the entire engineering service from a single source up to the delivery of a material card.
09/06/2020 -Dynaform - ETA - Cathie Walton - Arthur Tang - Abe!  Coffee and Memory Day, and a great product!

And a great product - Dynaform Overview Die Sumulation Solution
08/31/2020 - Vantablack would make a great name for coffee.  NO?

 Vantablack Optical Simulation: From Space to the Road by G. Moysan, Guest Blogger M. Stellmacher.
08/17/2020 - I'd like a Coffee Lake!  I'd just get a long straw, sit on the shore and sip coffee for hours.

BUT not as interesting as what L. grasty shared by by Jon Aldred - Data Lake or Data Landfill
08/10/2020 - I think I need a coffee app.  Everyone likes apps!  I can have LS-Latte, LS-Vanilla,  LS-Chocolate!

08/03/2020 - I was thinking about better interior designs for my coffee cup, but then decided to read below.

ESI - Caroline Borot - Aircraft Interior Design Just Got More Challenging
07/27/2020 - My coffee maker has visual block diagrams to make the coffee and save time.  I wish!! 

Altair - Peter Darnellon - Real-Time Freedom for Motor Control Engineers
07/20/2020  - I need to save time - Generative Design will help you save time.  Me?  back to grinding beans.

MSC.Software - Gereon Deppe - Design for Exploration
07/13/2020 - Top 5 reasons for coffee?  I like coffee!  Below are 5 reasons for Discover.

ANSYS - J. Hendrickson - The top-5-reasons to use ANSYS Discovery
07/06/2020 - Free coffee like Toyota.  Not.  But you can buy my coffee and they are offering THUMS!

Toyota - Offers Free Access to THUMS Virtual Human Body Model Software
06/29/2020 - I'm intellectual - Okay all of you can stop laughing now!

George Laird - ITAR - Data Security For All Our Clients
06/22/2020 -  Response time of serving coffee is important but Man Bus is more important!

ESI - Eric Kam - ESI Talk - MAN Bus Reduces Response Time From Days to Hours
06/15/2020 - Yes, I know I need to brew the coffee in half the time!

MSC (James Pura) - MSC Apex makes hexahedral meshes practical and cuts the entire workflow time in half
06/08/2020 - And then we will put the Why back in the coffee.

Altair - The Future of Augmented Analytics: Putting the ‘Why’ Back Into Your Data
06/01/2020 I want an electric vehicle - tractor, wheelbarrow, etc. AND coffee holder on all.

Peiran Ding, Ph.D  - How to Make Electric Vehicles Safer and Cheaper? Start by Analyzing the Battery
05/25/2020 - I make two cups of coffee, so if I spill one I still have one that's the same.

ANSYS - Manufacturing Digital Twins Can Help Prevent Line Change Disruptions
05/18/2020 Mooo!  I read this to the cows in the next pasture, they were very grateful for Altair's blog!  Mooo

Altair - Digital Debunking: Could a Tornado Make a Cow Fly?
No Posting 05/11/2020 - We have no guests this week - store is closed.
05/04/ - I will name a coffee Formula 1 - a very fast blend.

From BETA CAE Systems -  Webinar -   CFD geometry preparation of a Formula-type car
04/27 - I SO love my virtual coffee AND now LS-DYNA Conference

From ANSYS - LS-DYNA User Conference will be a free virtual event June 10-11, 2020