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I am going to welcome Yun with a cup of coffee made in our new NO noise-vibration coffee maker. I thought it would be unique since Yun excels at noise-vibration analysis, among other features in LS-DYNA. So, grab your to-go coffee cup and meet Yun for a cup of coffee.

He joined LSTC as a senior scientist/software developer in 2006 and has been working on the Research and code development of frequency domain analysis functionalities in LS-DYNA since then.

He has developed a series of frequency domain features in LS-DYNA, such as FRF, SSD, random vibration, response spectrum analysis, acoustic analysis based on FEM and BEM, and fatigue analysis. These features can find significant applications in many industry fields, including NVH of vehicles, noise simulation of engines; numerical simulation of shaker table testing; durability analysis of metal structures, acoustic property analysis of sports equipment, and seismic analysis of civil and hydraulic structures and nuclear powerplants.