Guests Not To Miss

    By:  Marsha



I love drinking coffee and this section.  I get to read blogs, notices, interesting software, and share them.  

11/22 - DYNAmore - Support Site -
 LS-DYNA answers to basic and advanced qustions
11/15 - R. Almenar -ESI - How to push the boundaries of CFD modeling and the need to move towards democratization of numerical simulation
11/08 - R. Scott - Hexagon - Agile development is for electric vehicles, not just software
11/01 - N. Kochhar - Siemens - A glimpse into the future of mobility – Nand Kochhar chats with MIT Technology Review
10/15 - Elisa - d3VIEW - New Multi-User, Loadcase and Region Simulation Tracker with Built-in Analytics
10/18 - R. Mitchell - ANSYS - Introducing Ansys Forming software for Your Metal Stamping Needs
10/11 - ESI - It Takes Two to Act Sustainably: Zero-Emission Heavy Machines and Digital Transformation
09/27/2021 - Hexagon - Automotive industry needs to check its electric vehicle 'blind spot'