Guests Hooo You Missed

    By:  Anthony

            Dec. 16


I (Marsha) love drinking coffee and this section.  I get to read others blogs, notices and gossip!  OH WAIT - I'm the "gossip" - theirs are  interesting, not to miss. 

Mr. Gagan Saket from BMW Group

Next Level Engineering: Digitalization of know-how in vehicle development
12/09 ANSYS -  Marine Tixier -  Design Exterior Aircraft Lights - helps pilots navigate, avoid collisions, land, taxi and signal other aircraft. 
2019 Feature Pack 1:
What's New
12/02 MSC.Software - Webinar- Introducing Marc 2019  - M. Kokaly & B. Gahdia
11/25 ESI - Interview of Cristel de Rouvray, CEO at the Paris Airshow 2019
  11/18 Predictive - CFD...simulation of recovery boiler estimate operational temperatures, CO emissions, and NOx emissions
11/11 ESI -P. Ding - Redesign the Transportation Industry    ..challenges designing and manufacturing your electric and hybrid vehicles..