Coffee And Gossip
   By Marsha & Molly
 For now we are updating about the 2nd to 5th of each month 

Sabyl helped a opposum! It was a Mom Opposum
Trying to look innocent
Don can't lift the five gallon gas can anymore at 85 and after his stroke last year - so he just bought himself an electric pump that goes in the can and pumps it right into the truck.  WHY didn't we do this years ago?   
My Molly - A true fashion icon in her new winter jacket! 

Sabyl rescued Eggsy.  No one would take Eggsy since he is old and blind BUT Sabyl loves him. We all love Eggsy!  Here is Eggsy in his winter helmet.  He is the most loving dog!
Taylor with Minow, blind horse.

Taylor, our new FEANTM editor on simualtion software/engineering in horse physics and care.
pdf 1 page boop instructions but DO not try this at home – you need to be a highly skilled Squirrel Nose Booper!
RUN SQUIRRELS!  Skylar the Hawk is flying!   Still not sure how he flies straight down and doesn't crash!
I tried to make Dusty look like a Unicorn by braiding his hair - The horn kept falling down!  Yes, that is  retirement boredom!  It is  100 degrees Farenheit, to hot to do any chores. 

You know your miniature horse loves his farrier when the farrier, Clancey, can sit on the ground and file Dusty's hooves without anyone holding Dusty.  Of course he also gives Dusty hugs so that helps.

 I am pleased to announce that FINALLY one of the seeds I planted in a flower pot grew.  I will call it a squirrel flower

I was having coffee inside my fenced yard, and lounging on a recliner when I looked up and there is Kyle looking at me through the fence as if I'm suppose to open the gate and let him come in!