Coffee & Gossip
   By Marsha & Molly
    February 17, 2020

This week on the ranch has been nice and quiet - thanks to 50mph winds I have no idea where the tumble weeds went but they are all gone! 

This is Minow whose ears are foward, alert and listening - Minow is blind but he sure knows when it's time to eat.  He walks out of his stall and stands listening toward the house!  
AND a picture of sunset!   Okay, I know you are all saying HOW many sunsets does the woman take a picture of.  Answer:  A LOT!

We finally got rid of tumble weeds - CRUSHED then they broke up and blew away! 

I love him!  He is SO in love with the birdseed block.  And, since he eats during the day, the owl is asleep. Hawks? Uh, so far, don't go near the tractor that is just outside the view of the picture.  I call it a natural tractor deterrent to hawks! Living in a food chain in the county, I still try to control things! SO below is my Squirrel.

Below we have wife photo vs. husband photo of what makes a sunset picture.  WHY does my husband want his tractor in his photo? NO, we will not take a vote. He'd probably win, and this is MY blog! He can have his own blog called TractorRMe!

I now have my own environmental lawn mowers
01/20/2020  -  Quincy and Dusty can graze 5 minutes on grass - yes, that was only 5 minutes.   That's like me trying to eat 5 potato-chips!  Getting them to the grass is easy.  Getting them away is pulling 150 pounds each.  BUT, I bribe them to follow an apple!  

Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory