Coffee And Gossip
   By Marsha & Molly

01/23 - The official morning fly in for breakfast!

01/16  I wondered why my brother, Art, was staring at the wall.  Then I wondered why he is pointing at the wall.  THEN he started doing weird things with his fingers - touching his index finger tip to his thumb.  Okay, at our age I figured he finally flipped and time for the old age crazy house.  NO, he was watching a 3d space station and navigating with his new toy - so weird.

01/09 - I love my squirrels!  AND they love their sunflower seed and corn kernals

Yes, below is me in my thermal Balakava and rain coat - YES, you can laugh - I do look rather funny but it is warm and dry and it is storming - no, it's not snowing, so I really can't complain (but I will - I think complaining may be a new hobby)

Older favorites:

 I was wondering why it was nice and quite this afternoon - So nice when the kids are sleeping!  Romo is the white dog and Molly is actually a dog - she looks like a mouse in this picture.  She is only 6 lbs - small.

You know your miniature horse loves his farrier when the farrier, Clancey, can sit on the ground and file Dusty's hooves without anyone holding Dusty.  Of course he also gives Dusty hugs so that helps.

Why is Don driving into the pasture hill without anything in the bucket?   The answer was because it's his tractor and he's going for a drive!  A drive up a hill???  Man and his tractor!

 I am pleased to announce that FINALLY one of the seeds I planted in a flower pot grew.  I will call it a squirrel flower

I was having coffee inside my fenced yard, and lounging on a recliner when I looked up and there is Kyle looking at me through the fence as if I'm suppose to open the gate and let him come in!

10/17 Kyle decided better to stay in a horse paddock when the neighbors are out shooting

Quiz - Am I teaching Dusty when I say 3, that he hits his hoof on the rail 3 times?  OR is he just being rude and banging his hoof because I am taking to long to get his food.

WAIT - who do these little pups belong to?  WHY are they here?  Do I look like I feed every animal that visits?  Uh, well I guess if they show up at food time they get fed.

 I was going to cut down on feeding but how does one ignore this pitiful face that the bowl is empty? 

Another accident - same curve, same trajectory - isn't this getting boring, this car didn't miss the tree but T-boned it - BMW.  Driver hurt but alive , good car design!  tree missing some bark.  Of course they all say they weren't speeding!   DUH - yes, they are speeding!

Must not have been road kill on our road.  I had 5 vultures at the feeder.  THEN, the sun came out nice and warm and this one decided that after he ate he'd warm up for about a half hour!

I thought Dinky suffocated - I ran up to him to save him.  He gave me a look, "Hi Gramma, I was having breakfast."  He didn't even take his little paw out of the bag! Then he just went back into the bag to eat.  I am supposed to be alpha!  My animals just ignore that fact.

I heard Don yell to me from the kitchen, "Why do you have a Turkey on your car roof?" I wanted to answer, "Honda gives you a free pet turkey with every Pilot, and he was just delivered!" HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHY THERE IS A TURKEY ON THE ROOF! (Sorry for yelling using an upper case)

Why do you need to tie the shoelaces on your work boots? I go out to my truck to feed the "wild" critters. Put my hand in the bin, see something move, think SNAKE, jump back, trip on a shoelace, land on my butt! Don runs out with his snake-shot pistol. A) He can't shoot into a bin in my darn truck! B) it turns out it wasn't a snake in the bin C) HOW is it my fault it was only a mouse? A cute little mouse - Don put on gloves, picked it up, and moved it to the garden at the other end of the property.

Night vision camera - Yes, that is our owl that now sits on the roof - it was totally dark when I took the picture and I'm not used to my new night vision camera to get clear pictures, BUT it is the owl.

Well, sitting having coffee and I hear this loud crash!  Heard it before so knew someone was speeding down the country road AND missed and went through our fence - 3rd time someone crashed into our yard, this year!   Landed upside down!   Driver crawled out and was okay!  Now that car is made safe - roof didn't crush, seatbelts and airbag saved his life.  Video off our camera is an MP4 video -and large file - it takes a few seconds to fly by the second camera
First camera   34MB     Second Camera 95MB