Coffee And Gossip
   By Marsha & Molly

09/13/2021 - Guess why my shoulders hurt?  OH, that's right - I'm typing with them at a high angle!  Why is there a dog sleeping on my typing tray?  Because she barks if I don't let her.   When she falls asleep I just slide her under and use the keyboard on my lap!

09/06/2021 - No more nice late walks around the ranch.  This is my skunk family - notice their tails are up warning me.  Kind of like Gramma if you bring that camera closer you are not going to smell nice.   I kept my distance and had to use the flash!  Also Don yelled, "If you get skunked you're sleeping outside!"

08/30/2021 - Gotta love ranch living - NOT!  You pick up some hay and a Tarantula falls out.  Really beautiful - looked like he had black velvet on his lower back.  NO, I did not kill it.  SO, I carried him on the end of a shovel and moved him off the ranch into the ravine where he can dig a hole and be a happy spider.   Ranch is living in a darn food chain!   Yes, I shake out my boots before putting them on.  EWWWWW spiders!!

08/23/2021 - I think this must be a favorite pole - if you look at 07/26 there is a vulture on the pole.  Last night it was the owl!

08/16/2021 - The quiet of sundown gazing out on the mountains and a CROW lands on the pole and starts cawing!   WHAT?  I am trying to relax and it is just cawing away.  It didn't even bring me coffee!

08/09/2021 - Well I watched Olympic throwing javelin - shot put - AND I want for the 2024 Olympics Manure Throwing.  You take your bucket rake - fill it - and see how far you can throw it.

08/02/2021- Our ranch coyote came home starved.  Why he can't catch things to eat is beyond me - Not to worry that is not a dead critter he is eating - it is dog food I bought him.    He will now do his usual routine of sleeping in the garden close to  our house, eat dog food and gain weight and then he leaves!!  THEN comes back looking like below!  Well, at least he hasn't been shot by a neighbor yet.  It is blurred because it was night and for once I kept a good distance. 

07/26/2021 - It is dry and hot here.  We now look like a bird bath spa.  They take a bath in the horse water troughs, then stand on their paddock rail to dry off then fly higher for full drying.   Here is one of the vultures on the pole.

07/19/2021 - I bought the Bobcat a whole chicken (it was on sale). I put it down near my truck, but didn't have enough time to leave. Suddenly, Bobcat was a few feet away. Bobcat looks at me as if saying, "WHAT are you doing here? BE QUIET I'm hunting."  SO, I didn't move or tell it that its store bought.  I'm standing still, and it stares at the chicken. SO I got down on one knee and took a picture. Bobcat looked over at me, "Didn't I say to stay still!" Okay, I'm now learning How To Hunt 101 - don't move any muscles! Finally, it did this giant pounce on the store-bought chicken and ran away with it. I'm not afraid of the Bobcat, but the baby skunk? RUN - fast in the opposite direction!