Coffee And Gossip
   By Marsha & Molly

11/28/2022 - This is on a night camera so a tad not focused but that is Coyote Kyle figuring how to get up on that deck

11/21/2022 - Why is Don driving into the pasture hill without anything in the bucket?   The answer was because it's his tractor and he's going for a drive!  A drive up a hill???  Man and his tractor!

11/14/2022 -  Minow and his brid friends that sit on the rails during feeding time.  Yes, I do give them birdseed so they are waiting for breakfast.  Minow doesn't mind them - he is blind and doesn't see them.  Even when he had his vision, he still didn't mind his birds.

11/07 - And here we have the one that strives to be different.  At times you have to follow your own path - OR a bird dropped one of the sunflower seeds in the right place!

10/31 - I am pleased to announce that FINALLY one of the seeds I planted in a flower pot grew.  I will call it a squirrel flower

10/24 - I was having coffee inside my fenced yard, and lounging on a recliner when I looked up and there is Kyle looking at me through the fence as if I'm suppose to open the gate and let him come in!

10/17 Kyle decided better to stay in a horse paddock when the neighbors are out shooting

10/03 - This is as bad as if you are late to work!  I was 10 minutes late feeding!   And here is Kyle waiting

09/26 Kyle is a hybrid dog - it is against the law to feed/water coyotes, or wild or feral animals.  He is waiting while I feed the horses.  Then I fill the water bowl outside the barn.  If not then all the not owned ranch animals go into the horse stalls for water.  I fill the bowl with water that is empty.  He is patiently wating for it to be filled.  I consider it an out door horse water bowl.

09/19 - Well I have proven I'm never satisfied - I hate when it snows  and I hate when it is 98 degrees!   I apparently complain all year!


09/12 -  If you look at the background the coyote pup has decided to sit on the hill while I feed the horses.  Of course it's illegal here in CA to feed or give water to coyotes and I NEVER EVER EVER do that - they hang around the horses and if I don't put out water in a bowl, then they drink from the water trough!  And if any animal is in distress I go by my own law FEED, WATER, HELP

08/29/2022 - Okay, this is not acceptable for Kyle (the Coyote) to be walking in my front yard.  I think he was heading toward the feed truck that is parked at the end of the sidewalk outside the gate.  SO, I am moving the truck closer to the pasture away from the house and he better NOT show his tail walking in my yard.

08/22/2022 There is always one looking at a different perspective in life.

08/15  Quiz - Am I teaching Dusty when I say 3, that he hits his hoof on the rail 3 times?  OR is he just being rude and banging his hoof because I am taking to long to get his food.

08/08 - Night vision camera - Mom eating and pup decides to take a break to scratch an itch.

08/01 - Yes the pups are still here.  They seem to listen and stay close to Mom except for one!  He just wants to wander off by himself and explore! 

07/25 WAIT - who do these little pups belong to?  WHY are they here?  Do I look like I feed every animal that visits?  Uh, well I guess if they show up at food time they get fed.

07/18 No picture this week - There are so many squirrels that want lunch that I stopped feeding in the afternoon. Those little squirrel critters can go forage for food in the pasture!  Yes, I know practicing tough love on squirrels is a tad over the top but they have to learn!  TSL - Tough Squirrel Love!

 07/11  I was going to cut down on feeding but how does one ignore this pitiful face that the bowl is empty? 

07/04  I brush Dusty and it takes me a long time.   Guanhua brushed Dusty and it was done fast and efficient.  SO, that proves engineers are orderly with a plan and is better than my brush here, brush there, start over since I missed a place.

06/27 -  I guess he thinks if he stands there long enough that food will just drop to him out of the truck.

06/20 - I thought that Don had bought me a pretty statue - WRONG - it ran away.  I should have known he didn't buy it.  He would buy a hammer, socket wrench, etc. AND all would eventually go in his tool box!

06/13 - Today is Don'ts 83rd birthday!  And Yanhua and Guanhua came to help with chores brushing the horses.  Yanhua and Quincy

06/06/ - favorite squirrel pic -Yes, I know they are not pets but they listen.  Well not really but I pretend they listen.

05/30 - I want to end the month with a picture I took two years ago. from my porch,  but I really like to look at it.

05/23/2022  Another accident - same curve, same trajectory - isn't this getting boring, this car didn't miss the tree but T-boned it - BMW.  Driver hurt but alive , good car design!  tree missing some bark.  Of course they all say they weren't speeding!   DUH - yes, they are speeding!

05/16/2022 A nice visit from former co-workers, but more then that they're friends!  Years ago I was going to give up one of the mini's who wouldn't listen.  This great person came into my office and asked if she could train Quincy to listen would I keep him.  He listened to her!  And he is  still here at the ranch.

05/09/2022 - Must not have been road kill on our road.  I had 5 vultures at the feeder.  THEN, the sun came out nice and warm and this one decided that after he ate he'd warm up for about a half hour!

05/02/2022 - I filled the food bowl with dog food for our Ravens and the ranch coyote comes running down from the pasture. I wasn't sure if it was the right coyote running toward me - SO I jumped in my truck!  Yes, it was the ranch coyote.  He limps and he comes down when he's starving - hangs around eating dog food for a few days and then off he goes to wherever, until he shows up starving.

04/25/2022 - All I could think of when I looked toward the cattle ranch across the road was, "Strive to be different!"

04/18/2022 - I thought Dinky suffocated - I ran up to him to save him.  He gave me a look, "Hi Gramma, I was having breakfast."  He didn't even take his little paw out of the bag! Then he just went back into the bag to eat.  I am supposed to be alpha!  My animals just ignore that fact.

04/11/2022 - Yesterday I heard Don yell to me from the kitchen, "Why do you have a Turkey on your car roof?" I wanted to answer, "Honda gives you a free pet turkey with every Pilot, and he was just delivered!" HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHY THERE IS A TURKEY ON THE ROOF! (Sorry for yelling using an upper case)

04/04/2022 - Why do you need to tie the shoelaces on your work boots? I go out to my truck to feed the "wild" critters. Put my hand in the bin, see something move, think SNAKE, jump back, trip on a shoelace, land on my butt! Don runs out with his snake-shot pistol. A) He can't shoot into a bin in my darn truck! B) it turns out it wasn't a snake in the bin C) HOW is it my fault it was only a mouse? A cute little mouse - Don put on gloves, picked it up, and moved it to the garden at the other end of the property.

03/28/2022 - I have been corrected that I don't have feral animals on my property but wild animals. I don't see them as "wild" since they are very orderly? ANYWAY, I guess we will call them ranch residents. They were all born on the property.

SO here is the ranch resident Raven - Now, every morning, he eats the leftover dinner chicken - This morning, I didn't put out the chicken, but he was eating. I quietly asked our Raven, "Why are you eating a squirrel?"

His caw-back question was, "Why do you drink coffee?" Okay, that ended the discussion.
I cleaned stalls, and Caw-Caw continued to be gross and eat. He did swear it was dead in the road and not one of the ranch residence squirrels.


 03/21/2022 - It was dentist week for the horses!Yes, that is our miniature horse getting sharp points filed.   Yes, he is sedated.


03/14/2022 -  Yes, we have a new spin-out past the house in the morning.

Accidents are now getting to be a regular occurrence on our curve. The only thing that changes is the color of the car and the make of the vehicle! Spin red car spin! Tire blew out - nice guy - just hit that HUGE bump speeding on went all over the road! Video it is a MOV file Video

LAST ACCIDENT - white car! spin white car spin!

360 Video Jan 13th -  2.2MB .mov file

03/07/2022  I feed him under the fence by his squirrel entrance - these are ground squirrels.  Anyway, hoping he is safe from hawks, the bobcat, coyotes, AND the owl.  I do lecture the predators on the ranch to leave the little squirrel alone! 

02/28/2022 - Quincy and Rheanon running and jumping - Quincy loves to jump over things so it was a nice day.  I hate to jump over things,it makes my coffee slosh in the cup.  It is great that  Rheanon runs with him.

02/21/2021 - Our old man Shane sleeps most of the days now - he will be 30 in April.  BUT still loves to eat and walk around slowly so all is good.

02/14/2022 Night vision camera - Yes, that is our owl that now sits on the roof - it was totally dark when I took the picture and I'm not used to my new night vision camera to get clear pictures, BUT it is the owl.

02/07/2022 Nicole and Kensington:
 Mom, miniature horse, Kensington time.  

12/27/20 - We will end Xmas with telling people don't speed past my house.  YEP, this one rolled over 7 times past my house and ended up in the neighbors field.   NO one got hurt - I would not post a video if there was serious injury.  Video is stopped at the beginning for a few seconds, or it goes by to quickly!!  VIDEO is a .mov video 927KB

12/13/2021 - Well, sitting having coffee and I hear this loud crash!  Heard it before so knew someone was speeding down the country road AND missed and went through our fence - 3rd time someone crashed into our yard, this year!   Landed upside down!   Driver crawled out and was okay!  Now that car is made safe - roof didn't crush, seatbelts and airbag saved his life.  Video off our camera is an MP4 video -and large file - it takes a few seconds to fly by the second camera
First camera   34MB     Second Camera 95MB