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Frontiers - Computed Tomographic Evaluation of the Sacroiliac Joints of Young Working Labrador Retrievers..
mdpi -  Solidworks -  Finite Element Model of Canine-Specific Vertebrae Incorporating Biomechanical Tissue Nonlinearity

A new method proposed to explore the feline's paw bones of contributing most to landing pattern recognition when landed under different constraints.

WEB- The bilateral arytenoid abductor device was created on (Fig. 2A).

Effects of a novel, 3D printed bilateral arytenoid abductor on canine laryngeal airway resistance ex vivo

TECHBriefs - Algor -Finite Element Analysis Used to Examine the Healing of Animal Bones

Schedule feasibility and workflow for additive manufacturing of titanium plates for cranioplasty in canine skull tumors.  
ANSYS SpaceClaim

Computer simulation of syringomyelia in dogs -

Biomechanical analysis of canine medial patellar luxation with femoral varus deformity using a computer model - (Material 156-MUSCLE), provided by LS-DYNA
Static simulation to horse shoes alternative materials based basic polymeric foam reinforced fiberglass with ANSYS software