No one knows his name.
Yell, "HEY, old rancher."

Updates about the 5th of ea. month
June - SITREP provides a simple, platform-independent, user friendly program for recording and tracking hazards information, a key element of any Safety Program.
May -YouTube Video -This simple videogame shows how the digital twin concept can be deployed.
April ANSYS/LS-DYNA Simulation and Experimental Study of Sectional Hob Type Laver Harvesting Device

March Wave-riding and wave-passing by ducklings in formation swimming

Feb - A Complementary Experimental and Modeling Approach for the Characterization of Maple and Ash Wood Material Properties for Bat/Ball Impact Modeling in LS-DYNA
Jan - An Investigation into the Relationship between Wood Bat Durability and Bat Taper Geometry using LS-DYNA®