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Monday 08/12/2019   First - What do electric cars and a GREAT tie have in common?    I really like both of them, AND if you missed it, here is Ajei Gopal, on future of self-driving cars and coffee (I lied, no coffee is mentioned)

Simulation of turning cutting process in LS-DYNA

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 08/05/2019   -  We are doing Coffee Layers!  Hmmm first layer is coffee, then vanilla, then cream, then MORE vanilla and coffee.  OR we can just go to YouTube and watch metallic layers.  AND bring our own layered coffee!

Separation the metallic layers of material by the EM module in LS-DYNA

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 07/29/2019   - Well, I am certainly not sending my coffe in any airplane cargo hold using a net to keep it from spilling.   SO, if it ever happens drink that coffee fast!!   Coffee airplane cargo flavor I shall call Laird La Cafe Chocolate.

 LS-DYNA Cargo Net Simulation during Airplane Crash

LS-DYNA simulation of cargo net securing boxed-up cargo during an airplane crash event.

Predictive Engineering

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 07/22/2019    I was going to use a drill to stir today's coffee.  But, Ramesh from Kaizenat (your LS-DYNA distributor in India)  would rather use the drill in a simulation.  I have to agree SO back to the mixer for the coffee specialty for today.   Coffee with mixed in Vanilla, Cinammon AND of course no calories!!  The calories fall out using the mixer!

 With the use of Simulation technology machining process of drilling have been analyzed and have shown the reliable results.

Kaizenat Support

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 07/15/2019   WOW - a bullet in coffee. Okay, you all knew I exaggerated.  It is in water, but then it could be in tea?   Anyway, let's all head to YouTube and keep the coffee out of the way of bullets.

.50 cal bullet in water
using LS-DYNA

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 07/08/2019   As you can see below, they don't show where the coffee would be safe in a crash.  Obviously the coffee would need a lid and a safe holder.  I'm sure it just isn't visible BUT the driver is, so let's crash into YouTube and see what happens to the Yaris.  Video

Toyota Yaris/Dodge Neon crash test simulation in LS-DYNA - by Bruno Mussulini

Monday 07/01/2019   In Tutorials I'm starting  some Intro tutorials for students just starting out, wanting to start out, not doing that great starting out AND you will improve!  Goal is drinking coffee and improving (now to put that to my diet - maybe I should have Intro to DIET!)  Anyway, let's head over to YouTube for below, and then the Tutorial page.  The section will improve, I just started the idea now.

Cutting by means of shift in

The separation of the tube blank in the die without waste

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 06/24/2019  We're trying floating coffee to go cups. Today as our special we're having a new flavor called Float and Glow!  So let's grab our cups and head to the water at YouTube.  Relax and watch our bobbing coffee cups.  Love this video!!

FSI and Rendered version of Irregular ocean wave generation as B.C. for Free-Surface flows. JONSWAP spectra.
Render engine: Blender

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 06/17/2019   And here we are on a Monday with FREE Coffee AND Free Tire Models!! GO US

PDF Immediate Availability of LSTC-FCA Tire Model for all LSTC Customers

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 06/10/2019   We're having a heat wave,  a tropical heat wave (yes,that was an old song) NOW, makes one want to swim in the Ocean Waves below, with a cup of ice coffee called Paz-Mocha Ocean with Vanilla twizzle.  Hmmmm, heading to YouTube right after I create that coffee!

Ocean Waves (jonswap spectrum) impacting a flexible pillar: FSI solution and high end rendering

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 06/03/2019   Now, the only thing missing in the below video is a cup of coffee, with my vanilla bean coffee blend.   So, everyone reading my blog remember to follow your passion - and drink your favorite coffee flavor - Oh, and write to me since I love email and blogging!  Now, below is my YouTube blog news!

John Hallquist Followed His Passion to Become an Engineer

 LS-DYNA Demo License

Monday 05/27/2019Do NOT place coffee on your roof rack and then forget that it's there!  Why you ask?  #1 it's a waste of coffee, and #2 it will upset the driver in the car in back of you if it goes splat on his windshield.   Now let's go to YouTube and watch color thingies go over the roof, or properly called Vortex Shedding!

High End Rendering of the Vortex Sheding Behind a Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Monday 05/20/2019 - Welcome to an older particular favorite flavor, our Italian Specialty Corrado Espresso. Sipping our coffee, let's head over to YouTube. There we'll find the simulation from EnginSoft, Italy and hang on to that coffee cup, if you're driving the truck in this simulation!

Simulation LS-DYNA with Intrusion concrete barriers

LS-DYNA Demo License -


AND one of our favorite engineers is now our favorite baker!  SO, if you're in France you MUST visit Jean Luc Lacome at his bakery!  Congrat to Jean Luc on his journey to becoming a baker.  Now we have to get him to export.  Where you ask?  TO ME, so I can have it with my coffee. 

45, rue Castelbajac à Grenade (31330)

Monday 05/13/2019 - Wait till you see all the little doohickies floating in the air! Have you figured out that I'm not an engineer? Anyway, DooHickie Flavored Coffee this week and with the input deck you can create your own floating doohickies. I really love watching them! EngineerRMeNot

Simulation - LS-DYNA: Common Contact Examples & Cases  - This LS-DYNA simulation shows common contact scenarios with various contact keywords.

Monday 05/06/2019 - Never take your coffee into a wind tunnel, especially if you have whip cream on top of it! Know what happens? Yep, whooooosh!
Now, to see what happens to a Honda, we will whoosh on over to YouTube

Simulation -  LS-DYNA, Honda Element in the Honda Wind Tunnel

input decks:

LS-DYNA Demo License -

Monday 04/28/2019 It's urgent that you hold a baby and not shake its little head. Puppies, kittens, bunnies, too.  I won't start to lecture on the protection of little ones, or we'll be here for a very long time.  Now, grab a cup of coffee, and we'll walk over to YouTube, LSTC and DYNAlook -  Order a large cup of coffee.  This is longer then a walk.  Okay, we are hiking!  We need to study this syndrome.

Simulation - Shaken baby syndrome modeling

Model - The Hybrid 3 ATD model is available from LSTC

Paper - The “Shaken Baby” Syndrome

LS-DYNA Demo License -

Monday 04/22/2019 -  Mystery #2.   This poor dummy was doing his job when POW, he gets clobbered.    The question?  Who dropped that on him? AND who stole his coffee cup?

We need an LS-DYNA Detective to solve this mystery,  so let's go over to YouTube and review the evidence.

LS-DYNA FEM Montacargas con maniqui

Monday 04/15/2019  -  We will give you a lid on your To Go Large Vanilla Coffee Latte, in a blue cup to match the blue car in the video.  We saw what happened to a truck (past week 02/25/2019) and now we have a car.  What does that mean you ask?  It means no drinking coffee and driving!  We do NOT waste our coffee Latte's on guard rails!

Numerical simulation of a TB32 crash.    Impact conditions as prescribed by the norm EN1317 ( 110 Km/h - 20°) using LS-DYNA.
Performed at GDTech SA, Liège Belgium.

Monday 04/08/2019  -  Mystery 1 - If you were holding a cup of coffee in this simulation, you wouldn't be holding it at the bottom of the stairs. It's also a murder mystery. The poor Hybrid is pushed down the stairs being hit by a pole.  Someone, obviously, wanted his coffee!

Hybrid 3 Crash Test Dummy Falling downstairs


Monday 04/01/2019  - Water, water, everywhere and I'm running away with my coffee.  I SO dislike Tsunami, Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane and other disasters.   Now, I did showcase the below simulation  a while ago.  It's a good video to watch again.  GRAB that coffee and jog over to YouTube!

SPH tsunami with LS-DYNA

This simulation is done using LS-DYNA explicit solver, with SPH elements.

Monday 03/15/2019  - Where on the ship should you not stand while drinking coffee?  Waving hand in the air to answer!  WHEELHOUSE!    WHY you ask?  Well then, let us grab the to go coffee and head to YouTube Ship Wheelhouse collision.

Ship wheelhouse collision analysis LS-DYNA - Analysis of an offshore vessel superstructure colliding with the deck of a semi submersible offshore structure

Monday 03/18/2019 -  And welcome to Coffee and the shooting range.  NOPE, we do not waste coffee so we are not shooting the coffee cups!   So, let's head on over to YouTube and use a steel plate for those bullets, WHILE drinking the coffee from our cups!  No coffee shooting allowed.

LS-DYNA bullet impact on steel plate

Monday 03/11/2019 -  Today we are having Valle Dulcis chocolate with our coffee!  Now, I do have plastic water barrels incase we need emergency water for the horses,  WHICH brings me to the simulation of what happens if a plastic barrel full of water hits the ground? is there any chance for the barrel to survive the crash?  Let's drink our coffee and watch the following simulation.

Drop of a plastic barrel_daidalos group

Nathan Asher Hallquist, as of 03/04/2019, is Executive Vice President of LSTC.   Announcement on LSTC website

03/04/2019 - Now, Twining Tea, skip the scone, Cadbury chocolate AND Arup in the UK!  But, sneaking my coffee in my tea cup.  Today is free tea, a Chocolate AND a free webinar, courtesy of Arup!

LS-DYNA composites modelling
  Galal Mohamed

Implicit Analysis using LS-DYNA
  Laura Rovira Crespo

02/25/2019 - And below is NOT how I will be having coffee, a piece of  Neuhaus chocolate and driving a truck.  Actually, the truck is to big for me to drive! BUT GDTech Belgium did a great simulation!

TB81 on H4b bridge barrier - LS-Dyna simulation compared to experiment

02/12/2019 - Don't forget your favorite person(s) on Valentine Day on the 14th with that special cup of coffee!  Now on to our new metal coffee cups, NOT. We will keep metal cutting to LS-DYNA with SPG.  My coffee cup covers you only need to pop off not cut off.

Metal cutting in LS-DYNA with SPG: Effective plastiс strain
Yury Novozilov

02/03/2019 -  At times I may want to punch something but I would NEVER do it holding my coffee cup!  SO, I shall call this weeks coffee flavor Cafe-Mocha-You-Better-Duck

Boxing glove foam simulation, side punch -LS-DYNA


01/28/2019 -Below is how I will not drive my new 2019 Ford Ranger!!!! Now in process at Ford!  I want to see it being shipped WITH a nice cup of  chocolate flavored coffee and a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, that is very self serving of me!  AND below is NOT what I will be doing with my truck.

This simulation is done with LS-DYNA

01/14/2019 We are pleased to announce our addition of International Coffee/Treats.   So, climb aboard the FEANTM bus as we ride to YouTube, serving Kaffe Marko, a Knoppers Wafer AND you get a set of  leggo's!  See below and you will find your reason for the leggos!  But the coffee/wafer?  New menu item!

Marko Thiele - LEGO car crash against 25% offset barrier with 17km/h

12/31/2018 - HAPPY New Year and of course my resolution is diet, and biking AND speaking of biking, do you know how many Mocha Au Collins I had to make for a Peloton simulation? A LOT!  And all had no spill lids - SO this weeks special is "No Spill, Mocha Au Collins" - a chocolate flavored, no spill, ready for simulation to go cup of coffee!

The Largest CFD Simulation Reveals the Complex Aerodynamic Interactions in a Peloton
  Running ANSYS Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software

12/03/18 - One wonders about the fluid velocity through my Keurig maker? NO? Okay, I agree that is a bit odd even for me SO I will go watch the fluid velocity as it drips into my coffee cup.

This is an animation of The flow simulations for impeller turbine using LS-DYNA (ICFD) - Kaizenat India distributor

                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory