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11/15/2021 - This is probably what my husband thinks I sound like when I don't realize he has his hearing aid in.  Oh well, I realize it when he covers his ears and yells back "Stop yelling so loud!"

Sonic Boom - Lancemore
11/08/2021 -  I know I had this in April,  but I love magnets - yes, my refrigerator door has a lot of them.  SO, to learn about magnets let's grab our coffee and head on over to YouTube.

LS-DYNA EM : Magnet snapping
11/01/2021 -  First, a must place to visit on YouTube. I love the Model A Ford  this channel is all Model A.

Model A Ford Archive Channel

I am tired but that is not what is meant by fatigue analysis - I will head for coffee to perk up while you head to YouTube.

Fatigue analysis of connecting rod | Fatigue tool | Ansys Mechanical | Kaizenat Technologies

10/25/2021 -  You hoped EM stood for Eclairs and Marshmellows?  NOT!   This is engineering - but eclairs and marshmellows really do sound more interesting with coffee.  ANYWAY, back to engineering!

This videos shows some of the capabilities of the LS-DYNA EM solver

10/18/2021 -  Sit back, have a nice cup of coffee and listen to Oasys about their LS-DYNA environment.  And, let's have some cake...candy...cookies - anyone seen my diet?  If so send it to me!!!

Oasys LS-DYNA Environment -Developed specifically for LS-DYNA

10/10/2021 -  Bird strike when you are sitting drinking coffee is when you suddenly have a bird dropping land in your coffee!  Oh, ruined coffee!  Well, bird strike on a rotor fan ruins both the bird and the blades.

LS-DYNA SPH : Bird strike on rotor fan

Bird Strike on Ti-6Al-4V Fan Blades using SPH. Inspired from the AWG ERIF Test Case 2.1.

09/27/2021 -  Today we are going to listen to our heart AS we drink coffee.  I have to agree that it does sound odd due to caffeine.  Okay, instead we will head on over to YouTube and watch the below simulation.

Rodrigo Paz - Aortic tricuspid valve, Fluid/Structure Interaction study.

two-way FSI coupling of the flow through aortic tricuspid valve and its interaction with side blood jets.

09/19/2021 - I am sorry there is no posting this week. 

09/13/2021 - And in October we can't forget my birthday is Oct. 13th (self serving announcement) AND the Lego Challenge last October.  

The Lego Challenge - DYNAmore

Can simulation predict reality? This video answers that question an demonstrates the impressive capabilities with simulation

09/06/2021 - AND welcome to Sept coffe flavor - can you guess?  Yes, either vanilla or chocolate with cookies!   AND grab that to go cup and head on over to YouTube.

FEA-LS Dyna-Single stage Single Point Incremental Hole Flanging

R. Makwana

08/30/2021 - Of course my coffee cups never slosh. Now that doesn't mean other cups or tanks don't slosh so let's head on out to YouTube so you can learn about Sloshing!

3D ICFD: Sloshing in a partially filled tank

Ameen Topa

08/16/2021 - So, pop quiz!  Is it a soda bottle, a beer bottle or a coffee bottle.  RIGHT coffee bottle!  Everything is always coffee related.   I guess I will have to serve my coffee in bottles with a cap!

LS-TaSC optimized bottle opener

DYNAmore GmbH

08/09/2021 - GREAT NEWS (no it isn't I lost weight)  It is M3d is free!

 I guess I will have to give free coffee?

M3d - The Free finite element analysis solution - a fully integrated Finite Element modeller, solver and post-processor in one small executable.
YouTube How to use M3d Finite Element package to build a basic beam model.

08/02/2021 - Just posted above July.  August being mailed to the list on August 4th. And don't miss the guest section this week with Alex Petit, ANSYS - I found it a great Key Note Presentation!

NOW on to Lancemore on YouTube.

Lancemore - 2d axisymmetric analysis of shock diamonds using CESE solver in LS-DYNA

07/26/2021 - I have been thinking of ease of use coffee cups.  So far Oasys has beat me out on thinking - they have quite a few ease of use ideas SO we will head over and watch them.  THEN we can all think of new ease of use coffee cup ideas.

OASYS -  R. Taylor - Ease of use and performance - seatbelts

07/19/2021 - This week we are having acoustic coffee.  And,  if you swirl it in your coffee cup you can have waves!  That is as close to the simulation below as you will get with coffee!

Lancemore -  Acoustic Wave Propagation after contact between ball and thin plate using LS-DYNA

07/12/2021 - I threw a coffee cup into a beam in my shop - it didn't do anything to the beam.  I really threw it hard at the beam!   SO, to see what it should have done IF it had high velocity and was not a coffee cup, let's watch SimuK do it professionally in a simulation. 

SimuK - Ansys LS-DYNA - High velocity impact on beam

07/05/2021 - Did you actually think that I thought a honeycomb was about bees?  WHO yelled yes!  Well, we will grab cofee and drive to YouTube to learn  about the below honeycomb!

Lancemore Large deformation of honeycomb core in each loading direction with LS-DYNA

06/28/2021 - My coffee shop has won the Coffee Challenge, in my own mind.  And, we all know I loved the Lego Challenge.  YES, you are right, we are heading over with our coffee to watch the Lego Challenge! 

The Lego Challenge

06/21/2021 - As we all know, I live in California, AND we have wind turbines - SO we are naming this week's coffee Windtubine with a dash of chocolate.

LS-DYNA Multiphysics Channel
Wind turbine (HAWT) simulation

06/13/2021 - This video is essential to me since my snake chaps have these buckles! So buckle up your snake chaps and take your coffee, and we will head for YouTube (Okay, only I will buckle my snake chaps)

Kaizenat - Buckle Clip Simulation I Kaizenat - ANSYS - LSDYNA - CADLM

Buckles are fastening devices that are used to tie two ends of a belt, strap, etc. to keep them secure.

06/07/2021 - The good news is that my coffee does not have a SAR value (may have a high caffeine value).  We will head on over to YouTube with our no SAR value coffee to find out about that cellphone you are using.  I prefer to drink coffee than speak on my cell phone. Now I have a reason - it may be safer.

Kaizenat - SAR distribution Smartphone direct usages and by Bluetooth usages

05/31/2020-  Before we get to the simulation part of this week, there is a paper that you have to read regarding FEA Meets History. 

Computational ballistic analysis of the cranial shot to John F. Kennedy

Bolt coffee - that sound like a strong flavor.   But, it doesn't have the failure.   So let's grab our non failure bolt and head to Simu-K Inc. on YouTube for our coffee day.

LS-DYNA - Preloaded bolted connection failure

05/24/2020-  Yes, I know what a wingnut is!  The rest?  Well, I'll name this weeks coffee rotational vanilla and pretend that I do.  I do know right is tighten a wingnut and left loosens a wingnut - does that count in enginering?  Who yelled NO?

Wingnut simulation in LS-DYNA displaying the Dzhanibekov effect

The rotation of an object around its first and third principal axes is stable, while rotation around its second principal axis is not. This is called the Dzhanibekov effect, or the tennis racket theorem.




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