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Monday 01/13/2020  -  I know, your question is will my to go coffee cups stand up to a wind turbine.   Of course they will!  NOT!  We'll call saying that they will stand up to a wind turbine using LS-DYNA a marketing stretch of the truth!  But, now we'll all book on over to YouTube.

Wind turbine simulation
using LS-DYNA

Monday 01/06/2020  -  We start January off with SNOW! Okay, I'm in California, so for me it's rain. BUT, most of you will be having coffee with a side of snowball.  So, that brings me to what your car feels in the snow.


LS-DYNA CFD: Driver Benchmark plus DEM particles, study of snow deposition on vehicle  -  - Benchmark model designed by TUM, Inst For Aerodynamics and solved with the ICFD LS-DYNA module

Monday 12/30/2019  Coffee Le LEGO Week.  I love these LEGO simulations, slinky, toys, planes.  WAIT - it seems I love all of them with coffee.  And we are also heading to 2020 Coffee Year!

LEGO BUGATTI Chiron (42083) crash at 46kmh against 40% offset barrier

Simulation with LS-DYNA for 130ms real time.

This is just to good not to share!  Walk down Memory Lane Time!!!!   Article from 1993 on John O. Hallquist - I took a picture of the article and it is a pdf

Monday 12/23/2019  And let's have jump out of a plane coffee to go cups. WHOOSH!   Of course we need our parchute which is safe due to LS-DYNA! (yes, that was a commercial, but true)

LS-DYNA ICFD/FSI: 3D Porous Parachute FSI Modeling

Monday 12/16/2019  And with this week's coffee I am grabbing my tool kit and giving a free wingnut with each to go cup!  Why you ask?   Because it is Cafe Wingnut simulation week!

Wingnut simulation in LS-DYNA displaying the Dzhanibekov effect

The Dzhanibekov  effect was tested with a simulation using LS-DYNA. Unsurprisingly, but still fascinating to watch, it does actually work.

Monday 12/09/2019  I am proud to let you know my To Go Cups didn't spill in the below video/simulation.  NOW, off we go to watch the simulation by GDTech Belgium -  LS-DYNA simulation compared to experiment

38T truck impacting a bridge barrier (containment level H4b) with a speed of 65 km/h at an angle of 20°.

Monday 12/02/2019 - Time to grab your coffee, sit back and watch a tutorial.  LS-DYNA Structured ALE using LS-Prepost Solution Explorer: bullet penetration

A tutorial to setup LS-DYNA Structured ALE model using a newly developed Solution Explorer module. A bullet penetrating pig leg at a speed of 900m/s.

Wenhui YU, LS-DYNA, Dalian Office

Monday 11/25/2019 -

First we have coffee and a walk down Memory Lane - I love this part of my gossip.  SOOO, my brother published a section on codes, DYNA, TOPAZ, and others in History & Reflections of Engineering 
Art's Section pdf

    And below is our walk to LLNL DYNA Family

AND LLNL on history of DYNA.  Click picture for Larger View




                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory