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05/09   Off we go to YouTube with our To Go coffee cups this week donated by Jooris!  AND they have Rescale Lids,  so we don't spill them!
Peter - Rescale

How to Run LS-DYNA on Rescale

05/02 - I have no internet today so today's coffee is NO Internet vanilla Expresso.  SO walk down memory lane with the below great post. Some of this week is from previous months due to someone stole the internet or it is on vacation!!!
Per Curt Chan - Who's watching the new Star Wars movie? (note: larger mp4 file about 21MB but well worth it)  Any bets on if the Millennium Falcon's Radar Dish will get knocked off?
04/25 - YES, it is Lego Flavor Coffee Day!  Or we can use them to make coffee cups and smash them into each other!  OR, as someone yelled, "We can skip your blah, blah and go to YouTube!" 
DYNAMORE - The Lego Challenge

04/18 - Ameen Coffee Week~   Always interesting videos.  We have a bus, this week named Yildiz,  to take us all to YouTube.  We call the bus watch and learn Cofee Day Yildiz Tech Univ. Bus.  Yes, I agree that the name was a tad long!

Ameen Topa - Part of a collaboration with Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.
Radome Structure: Meshing Impact Zone and Coarse Zone
04/11 - Our new coffee scoop?  Okay, I heard someone say, "That reminds you of a coffee scoop?"  Well, then hop into the bucket and let's travel to YouTube! And remember most things remind me of coffee!

Excavator bucket simulation: Rocky DEM
04/04 - First - The April Meeting/Magazine is being mailed -   Now let's head for YouTube to start off April with a BOOM - underwater explosion.
LancemoreJP - LS-DYNA Simulation of Underwater Explosion near the floating steel structure with ALE method. (UNDEX numerical simulation)
03/28/2022 -  I owned a 1972 Pontiac LeMans back in 1972!!!  SO this reminds me of it.  Yes, I bought it new!  EGAD! I'm old!  Quick - someone get me coffee so we can head to watch a Grand Prix - anyone remember those?  I do! 
CFD analysis using LS-DYNA for the Pontiac Grand Prix sedan
03/21/2022 -  I was going to try walking  in a wind tunnel while drinking coffee.  I think the coffee cup would blow away.  That's why a simulation is safer -  wonder if I would blow away?   Simulation is safer! 
LS-DYNA simulation of Honda Element in the Honda Wind tunnel. Volume render of Q criterium for Q=5e5[1/s]
03/14/2022 -  Yes, I know I showcased the tea kettle simulation last year.  I'm trying to drink tea.  Maybe I can pretend it's a coffee kettle?  I need coffee!!!
LS-DYNA - Electric Kettle simulation. Multiphysics capabilities - CFD solver coupled to the solid thermal solver and the Electromagnetism solver.
03/07/2022 - Today we will name our coffee "Don't fly near moving blades!" I am not sure how to say that in bird language, but the video may help them see bird dust. I will explain to all the birds on the property to fly lower to the ground. NOW coffee and saving birds are the goal for today!
LS-DYNA Multiphysics Channel

Bird Strike on Ti-6Al-4V Fan Blades using SPH. Inspired from the AWG ERIF Test Case 2.1.
02/28- I think my coffee cups may spill during a side impact since that is a sideways slosh.  BUT you are not suppose to drink and drive, OR text message!  Now that you have hard my lecture, let's head over and view the side impact.
LURI Engineering Pole Side Crash Impact Protection - Cabin Truck
02/21- My new hobby is drifting - HA! I bet you thought I meant I go from hobby to hobby?  Nope - you need to visit the Guest Section!  Now let's drift on over to YouTube for an LS-DYNA crash

Saferoads’ crash test with
 LS-Dyna FEA
02/14 - Happy Valentine Day - there are no calories in any chocolate on this day!  It is a calorie free day!  And we are dropping candie by parachute!  That drops out all the calories on the way down.
LS-DYNA ICFD/FSI: 3D Porous Parachute FSI Modeling.
02/07 - Today we are rescuing lady bugs!  Love Lady bugs on flowers - SO that said, we will have Bug coffee?   Lady Coffee ?  WHO yelled, "UGH!"  Okay let's go to Youtube with Coffee and name it what you want it to be called.
ExpertFea - LS-DYNA FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS - Lady bug landing abruptly on a flower
01/23 - Coffee and Extra Milk or EM.  No? EM doesn't stand for Extra Milk in coffee.  Okay, then off we go to YouTube for something that makes more sense. 

LS-DYNA EM : TEAM Workshop Problem 24

LS-DYNA's EM solver

01/17 - Coffee and Slide that Vehicle - NO, I didn't pay a stunt driver to do a 360 past my driveway.  Having coffee and here goes an almost car accident - Video almost makes it look like I paid a stunt driver!   
360 Video Jan 13th -  2.2MB .mov file
  I keep watching this video - 3rd "altercation with the previous curve in two months" - I updated the accident folder.
01/10 - When one is making industrial strength coffee to wake up and get moving, it's only fair to have a simulation of something industrial.  Grab that strong cup of coffee, wake up, and let's head on over to YouTube.

Multiphysics channel - Industrial EM forming problem
01/03 - When not to be drinking coffee!  Actually never drink and drive anything at the same time! OH NO, it is only 01/03 and I'm already lecturing you what to do.  Sorry (but it's part of being a senior citizen to be allowed to nag and lecture)  NOW, enjoy your coffee and THEN drive over to YouTube.

A. TOPA - Ford Taurus (at 28km/h) vs Dodge Neon (at 113km/h)
12/27  Our 2022 coffee will be ordered by small, medium, large, larger AND elongated.  Or, maybe just small and thermos size?  Anyway, let's head over to YouTube and do some engineering.

A. Karn- Rubber elongation in LS-DYNA
12/20 - And you thought EFP was  a new pen for coffee called Expressively forming pens to draw designs on the top of the coffee? NOPE (and pop the "P" when you say nope.  Off we go to visit with Ameen Topa at YouTube and he will explain it all.

EFP: Explosively formed penetrator/projectile.
12/13- Have to love trying to drive a car around a ranch!   not like this place is paved so I am going to call this coffee TIRE BUMP.   or BUMP SPILL, but my famous coffee lids keep the coffee safe.  GO LIDS!

LURI Engineering VPG Tire Model and Stiffness Calibration LS-DYNA
12/06- no posting this week due to idiocy.   I was trying to move a horse rail by dragging it and walking backwards.   It was moving easily, but my hands slipped - YES, this is where it gets OUCH!   I was like a missile landing on my butt.   Like an ANSYS-LS-DYNA simulation of BUTT IMPACT - BUTT DROP TEST.   Anyway, I am actually glad I didn't lose weight or I'd have broken my tail bone.   BUT every BUTT muscle and hip and lower back?   OUCH - SO, since I can't sit very long I am not using my laptop today.    OUCH that ground came up to meet my butt fast and hard.   Impact analysis!11/29/2021 -  This week since Willem stopped into the coffee shop, we are taking all our To Go Coffee and he is going to give us a presenation at YouTube!
Willem Roux (Ansys/LST) - Topology optimization of an automotive hood for multiple load cases



                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory