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11/16/2020 - Marc Font Coffee Day!   SO, I thought I would share (NO, not sharing my coffee) the video he brought to my attention.  

Euro NCAP Crash & Safety Tests of Volkswagen - A series of... tests are conducted with different impactors...

11/09/2020 - I enjoy watching the below video. Why, you ask? Well, I'm not an engineer (whoever yelled, "WE KNOW!" you don't get coffee today!) Anyway, as I was saying, I enjoy watching it, while I drink coffee. Okay, I used to enjoy watching clothes go around and around in the clothes dryer window!

No.503 Tumbling Ball Mill Simulation using DES Elements

11/02/2020 - I have run rubber tensile tests on our to go rubber cups.  It was obvious to any engineer that we should stay with styrofoam to go cups.  SO, off you all go with our coffee to LancemoreJP for the real test!

No.214 Uniaxial tensile test of NBR60 Rubber / NBR60

10/26/2020 - You HAVE to wear your seatbelt if you don't want to spill your coffee.  Then again, don't drink coffee while you drive!   When you drive what should you do you ask? Look, listen, be alert or you may hit that rock below!

Learn Engineering

Seatbelt | How does it work?

10/19/2020 - I know almost ALL engineers want to play with Leggo's - it is such an odd phenomenon! SO, I will drink a cup of coffee called Leggo La Latte, and you can all build a Leggo car and crash it.

DYNAmore and Scale - The Lego Challenge
Can simulation predict reality?
Model size: 45 Mio elements
Impact speed: 60 km/h

10/12/2020 - FIRST, let us not forget that October 13th is my 71st birthday (yes, this was self-serving) BUT 71!!  Damn I'm old!  Okay, No way in the below video could that person hold their To Go Coffee Cup!

 Saeed Ahmadi - Side crash of two vehicles using LS-DYNA explicit finite element code

10/05/2020 - As engineers I do know that you may not be interested in The Early Pioneers of Coffee - SO, we can take our To Go Coffee Cups and head over to listen to The Early Pioneers of Virtual Prototyping.

Alain de Rouvray, Founder and Chairman of ESI Group discusses some of the early beginnings of ESI Group with co-founder Eberhard Haug

09/28/2020 - Today we'll have a new coffee flavor. I call it the O'Connor with Hazelnut, OR you can even have a dash of Chocolate. Humanetics is a company you shouldn't miss.

Chris O'Connor - We are Humanetics

09/21/2020 -OH NO! nothing worse than an upset Senior Citizen (yes, that would be me) throwing her coffee cup with coffee in it at the weeds with Hypervelocity Impact. AND all it did was water the weeds with coffee and probably make them grow faster - now I have to make myself another cup! Grrrrrr - so dumb throwing good coffee.  Maybe it wasn't Hypervelocity but it felt like it.

Ameen Topa - Hypervelocity Impact of Aluminium sphere against aluminium plate.

09/14/2020 - Yes, I know I had the below simulation showcased last year but I really like it.  Gotta love a Ferrari, although on this ranch it would not be useful - WAIT, I can race the horses and win!

Simulation of the F1 Ferrari

Simulation and you can obtain the input deck.

09/07/2020 - See below for my new delivery type of motorcyle!  NOT!  I rather deliver riding a horse over that road break!   NOT!  My 3-speed bicycle (It's so old that it only has 3 speeds - (my blue Denault English Racer)  Anyway, I will deliver in my Ford Sport Trac the Coffee A La Speed Bump!

Simulación Motocicleta LS-DYNA

Analysis of the motorcycle beater when passing through a speed break at a speed of 10 km / h.

08/31/2020 - Yes, like they stated in the simulation "everything starts with a failure"  LIKE that FIRE California had last week.  We didn't have to evacuate but they had us under warning.   I think I drank all the coffee!  Nerves - coffee - pack - coffee - panic - coffee - save the animals - coffee.  Okay you get the idea of my last few days.  Now it is unpack - more coffee!!!

Marine Applications -   highly simplified simulations involving rigid parts and coarse mesh, ...may be developed further for specific applications.

Monday 08/24/2020   - No Posting today -  We are in a  fire zone with the California fires -  but it is still distance.  Today we did get our first "Warning Evacuation" call - I don't have time to post.  We have to get the horses safe, in the arena so they have space if the fire hits the property, etc.   We will stay until a "Mandatory Evacuation" notice and then by law we have to leave.   I HATE FIRE!

Monday 08/17/2020   -  Good thing I have very strong lids on my coffee cups!   Also good we aren't going to be in the below roll over!  Off we go to YouTube!  

ECE R66 LS-Dyna Simulation

Monday 08/10/2020   -  Well, No one can complain about my coffee cups crushing like in the below video. That's why you should drink coffee in a cup, and not in a can!

Soda Can Crush | ANSYS LS-DYNA |


Monday 08/03/2020   - Well, I don't have any fan blades on the ranch that I can think of BUT that won't stop me from drinking coffee while we head over to LURI Engineering for their simulation and to drink their coffee!!

Fan Blade Off Rig test Isosurfaces

LURI Engineering

Monday 07/27/2020   - I SO love dump trucks!  I can drive one and own one.  Okay, believe that lie and I will try a few more.   BUT I do really love trucks and pretend my small wheelbarrow is one when I dump the horse manure in the pasture.   That sentence was actually the truth.

LS DYNA(4K) - Tipper Body | Mild steel vs Wear/High strength steel (HARDOX)


Monday 07/20/2020   -  First - head on over to Art's blog.  Yes, you have to pay for coffee even though he's my brother!   No, he won't pay for your coffee.  NOW, below is why I don't put your coffee in glass bottles!  OH Okay, I will discount your coffee this week five cents - yes, that was only five cents.

Glass Bottle Breaking using| ANSYS LS-DYNA


Monday 07/13/2020   -  And it is coffee day!  Well, to me, every day is coffee day.   I can't have sloshing in any cup or the coffee pot.   OH WAIT - let's take our coffee to YouTube and see their sloshing.

Tank slosh - LS-Dyna Coincident Node FSI

Vortex Engineering Group

Monday 07/06/2020   -  Sitting drinking my cafe chocolate ala supreme chocolate (just made that long name up) I was wondering about a cavitation bubble inside a coffee drop - Don't I sound impressive?  Okay, I was really wondering about how many calories I put into this coffee with the chocolate!  SO on to YouTube where the engineers have the real simulations and don't count the calories.

Cavitation bubble behavior simulation inside a water drop using Structured ALE method

Monday 06/29/2020 Note - Not To Miss Art's blog advising that Chrysler had a Aerospace Dept.

Monday 06/29/2020   -  We have wind turbines here in Livermore, CA  SO in honor of that we are having Turbine Chocolate Coffee all day at no fee.  (well, no fee was an exaggeration but the coffee is good)

Rotating wind turbine problem with sliding mesh using the incompressible LS-DYNA CFD solver.


Monday 06/22/2020   - While I was doing cold coffee analysis I came across below video of  Cold Forging Analysis.  Now you're asking youselves how did this woman go from coffee to engineering?  IF you have the answer to that question you can go to the head of the class (old board game I liked to play - REAL old)

Lancemore shares with us No.479 3D Cold Forging Analysis

Monday 06/15/2020   - And grab that coffee cup and of course something this week cinnamon!  HA!  you all thought I would say chocolate?  WRONG!  Off we go to YouTube singing skip to my loo my darling!

Kaizenat shares Motion Simulation of Hypocyclic Engine Using LS-DYNA | Ansys


Monday 06/08/2020   - Gotta love Predictive Engineering with their video below.  SO, that said we will serve this week CC - Conference Coffee!!!  GO US!  AND now let's go watch the video.

ANSYS LST Conference 2020 LS-DYNA Exhibition Video - Predictive Engineering FEA Consulting Services


Monday 06/01/2020   - Being on the ranch battery cooling is important - then again anything I use that has a battery.  SO we will have BC - battery coffee without the battery SO we will add chocolate! I bet you all knew I'd add chocolate.

Battery cooling simulations

Monday 05/25/2020   - Express Coffee to go with DYNAmore Express on our tutorial page.  Although German Chocolate cake was not from Germany, we will have coffee and German Chocolate cake - originated by Samuel German, an Englishman known as “Sammy” - BUT good cake!

Now while munching the cake, at least two slices, we are going to watch oil in a gear box on YouTube monitor.

LS-DYNA Incompressible SPH : Oil splashing in gearbox

Let's grab a cup of coffee and start with a pdf of an article by Art Shapiro, Covid-19: An Engineer Trying to be an Epidemiologist

May 18 - Next we join with another Covid-19 solution below:

Foggy glasses while wearing homemade masks? Coughing through a homemade mask, an ICFD/FSI solution

Monday 05/11/2020  -I just need to figure a mask with a straw through it where it is safe.  Then I can have Mask Ala Mode Coffee flavor!  I like it!   NO, you can't use the straw for beer!   It is only a coffee drinking idea.

ICFD LS-DYNA: Coughing flow through porous commercial masks: FSI model adjustment around the face

Monday 05/03/2020  - I'm not sure what I like most - lego's, dreaming that I own a Porsche, or dreaming of owning a Bugatti.   Well since I can rule out owning a Porsche or Bugatti I will name this week's coffee Dreaming with a hint of mocha almond!  I can afford Coffee - Life is good!

LS-DYNA® simulation vs. real LEGO® crash - Porsche (42056) vs. Bugatti (42083) view from left behind

This video shows the crash of the Porsche and Bugatti LEGO® models from a view left behind.

Monday 04/27/2020  - OUCH!   Even watching this video makes me yell OUCH and hold my coffee cup up for protection.  That will work - it is magical coffee  called Kevlar repell with our chocolate magical repell blast spell.

Blast on human torso with SPH Method in the LS-DYNA

Cihan SAVAŞ - Did you ever think that what would happen if blast on human torso is performed ?

Monday 04/20/2020  - To enter my coffee shop you MUST have on your masks.   If you can remember to put on a shirt, or tie, or skirt, or spike heels, you can certainly remember a mask.  NOW, YES you can sip coffee by picking up the mask and not breathing at someone!   I AM MAD at people breathing without masks!  GRRRRRRR, snarl, snap, bite!

LS-DYNA ICFD Solver is used to simulate porous flow through masks.

For more information contact:

Monday 04/13/2020  - Guess where I'm NOT taking my truck on our hill!  WHY you ask?  Fine, grab your Coffee To Go and we'll drive, flat terrain, over to YouTube to visit Ameen.

Rollover Analysis of Pickup Truck

Ameen Topa - LS-DYNA Rollover Analysis.   In the starting part of the simulation, the vehicle rolls and falls to the ground due to the gravity load.

Monday 04/06/2020  - AND this week's coffee is called, Pin Ball Wizard with chocolate!  and MORE chocolate so grab that to go cup and let's go play!

Self-controlling pinball simulation using LS-DYNA

Sensors in LS-DYNA are used to activate or deactivate other entities, such as boundary conditions and contacts, during an ongoing simulation. You can use sensors to add complexity to your model and make the model more self-controlling.

Monday 03/30/2020  - AND this week's coffee is called, Yuri with a hazlenut impact flavor!  Grab that to go cup and we will head like a missle to YouTube.  (oh stop groaning, I liked the missle reference)

Yuri Novozilov

Simulation of a soft missile impact on reinforced concrete slab - Sugano impact test

Monday 03/23/2020   - Today we have Blue Tokai Coffee AND another great video from Kaizenat Support.   AND since I live in California Solar is important. 

  FSI(Fluid Strucuture Interaction ) Simulation performed to study the Solar Panel structure Response for the Cyclone Wind load.

Monday 03/16/2020   - I apologize, but I'm exhausted and can't post. Tiki had major eye removal surgery on one eye.  03/30/2020  - He does amazing with one eye - he touches a wall, backs up and goes a different direction -  Dog great, I am a nervous wreck wanting to keep guiding him.  

Monday 03/08/2020 -  Well, since I just replaced my transmission and driveshaft in my Ford Sport Trac, the below is crucial to me! This week we will have UJV. That stands for Universal Joint Coffee and as always with a tad of chocolate! NOW, let's get jogging to YouTube for aerobics for that chocolate calorie intake! OH like an intake manifold?

LS-DYNA - Failure simulation of a universal joint

Monday 03/02/2020 -  I like this filling simulation because my coffee cups fill like that!  It would be nice to see the coffee swirl into a cup.  SO off we go to YouTube at a jog, for cardio, and then we can drink coffee and have a muffin!

3D Mold filling in Ls-Dyna using level set


Monday 02/24/2020 -  At times I think my coffee needs a protective screen!   But it tastes so good I drink it to quickly so I guess we can just visit Simu-K Inc and their below simulation.

Simu-K Inc. - Simulation of a protective screen for tank fail

A multiphysique simulation with LS-Dyna. Liquid is modeled with SPH and the protective screen use finite element with material plasticity.

Monday 02/17/2020 -  I know where I don't want to be standing drinking my coffee!  The simulation below is earthquake - All I can think of is RUN!  Now, that is scary!

LS-DYNA Simulation of the collapse of Takiyya al Sulaymaniyya under earthquake loads has been done in LS-DYNA.

Monday 02/10/2020 -  Well, now I know what my car will look like if I run into one of the below wires. But my vehicle starts yelling at me if I go off the line it wants. It shakes the wheel; it screams - COFFEE USE BRAKE! COFFEE WATCH LANE - you would think it wants to own a coffee shop and has its flavors picked out!

Car impact into wire rope safety barrier

Simulation of an impact of a 900 kg car toa wire rope safety barrier. The situation is similar to an EN1317 TB11 test.

Monday 02/03/2020 -  Cafe Coil is our new product.  It is small and will heat your coffee which is why I have the below simulation.  Pop Quiz - What software rules Heat Transfer?  No coffee for you if you didn't answer LS-DYNA.

LS-DYNA conjugate heat transfer in a coil heated by an electric current

Predicting the temperature of the coil to which a current is applied.
LS-DYNA ICFD/FSI: 3D Porous Parachute FSI Modeling



                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory