Watching what you missed

Plus past favorites.
Apples are their favorite,
I explained to them that's not relevent.

Past weeks simulations pdf

Monday 10/07/2019 -  Okay, NO place would be safe for my to go coffee cups for below simulation.  BUT we sooooo love Lego Crash cars by DYNAmore/SCALE.   What flavor you ask?  Crash Chocolate with a dash of bumper vanilla.  Ouch!

   Lego Crash 2019

09/23/2019 - CAR time!   Who was that person that owned a 1969 Camaro?  Who parked the car facing away from the movie at the Drive In Theaters?   My brother owned a 442 and I had a baby blue Impala, SO who owned that Camaro?  And with a Camaro to go cup - ZOOOOM Camaro time! 
LS-DYNA CFD simulation of the GMC Camaro model

                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory