Past News.
Quincy & Dusty like apples.  I explained to them that's not relevent to this page.

DYNAmore - AIMM research project: Robot for classical and modified tensile tests
R.P. Santiago (Dr. Simu) - LS DYNA 27: LS-DYNA Included in Ansys 2023
  02/20  LancemoreJP - Simulation of lateral sloshing behavior of a tank with roof and chamfer using ICFD coupled with DEM.

  02/13  SimuTech Group
Zoe Zhu, demonstrates
 the magnetization direction of a horseshoe magnet.
02/06 Controlled sloshing in coffee cups may actually help you from spilling cofee while you're jogging.  Does anyone actually jog and drink coffee at the same time?
LancemoreJP - Lateral Sloshing Analysis in a spherical tank using LS-DYNA ISPH solver (Fill depth 33%)

01/30 & 02/02  Good news - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine called and on the 7th Dusty can come home on Cortisteroid therapy for Gastrointestinal Lymphoma --I apologize about not posting last week - Our Farrier, Clancy, helped us by trailering our  miniature horse a 2.5 hour trip one way to Davis . 

01/23 - Coffee highlights are vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate.  Okay, so that's not what you want to know and you want to know the below!

Oasys Suite 19.0 highlights

01/16 - Latteral sloshing test in our coffee cups!  Why don't you believe me?


 Lateral Sloshing Analysis in a spherical tank using LS-DYNA ICFD Solver(In case of 50% fill depth)

01/09 - I like this video!  SO let's all grab coffee without any bubbles from explosions in it, and head over to Lancemore on YouTube


Pulsation and Surfacing behavior of a gas bubble generated by an underwater explosion with LS-DYNA

01/03 - Welcome to the official New Year - I want a robot!  Not sure what kind - a dog robot would be fun, a person robot, a robot that shovels horse manure would be ideal!!!  A happy hors manure shoveling robot with a cowboy hat!!!

AIMM research project: Robot for classical and modified tensile tests

12/26 - Well, Xmas is done AND now on to New Year Resolutions - it is the same as last year - Quiz - what can that be?  WAIT - why did all of you get the right answer of lose weight and cut down on cholcoate?   Maybe I can just use Transforms and not diet?

Top Tip: Oasys PRIMER - using Include Transforms

12/19/2022 - Yes, another of my favorites to end the year - gotta love a slinky for Xmas.  I tried to get my coffee cups to walk down stairs - it didn't work!

Lancemore JP - LS-DYNA - Slinky walks down the stairs

12/12/2022 - This person luckily was not carrying any coffee in his hands.

  Hoàng Bá Phúc 

12/05/2022 - December will have some of  my past favorite videos - Why? Because I liked them.   Here is the kettle and I should have asked the LSTC (now ANSYS) engineer to do a coffee pot!

Electric Kettle simulation using LS-DYNA

11/28/2022 - My coffee cups can withstand the below impact - does anyone believe that?

LS-DYNA SPH: Impact on aluminum plates

11/21/2022 - No, our coffee cups are not overwrapped pressure vessels and not even closed SO no boom!

CADFIL - COPV Burst Simulation of Cadfil Model in LS-DYNA Finite Element Analysis

11/14/2022 - Splashing!  That is important when you drink coffee, OR in the below oil splashing simulation it is more important.  Off we go to the MultiPhysics LS-DYNA Channel. 

LS-DYNA ISPH : Oil Splashing simulation - In this simulation, a gearbox model is used for demonstration of the incompressible SPH solver capabilities (automatically included in LS-DYNA).

11/07/2022 - Do you believe they are using coffee in this video?  No?  Okay, you are correct but let's go visit YouTube and watch it.

LS-DYNA CFD: Flow through porous media (Resin Transfer Molding problem)

10/31/2022 - Why is a suspension needed you ask?  Because you need to be able to drink coffee in the truck.

LS-DYNA SIlverado Suspension

10/24/2022 - The old Rancher wanted to drop his Abrams Tank in a truck bed - but not in his own truck bed.  I said NO that he can't use my truck!  He can go watch a sphere being dropped on Youtube.  Where did he get that tank?

LURI Engineering Cargo Box dropping sphere LS-DYNA

10/03/2022 - Well the county fixed the road in front of the ranch.  Now we need a  wire rope barrier to save the coffee from spilling.

Car impact into wire rope safety barrier

09/26/2022 -I heat stamped a coffee logo on a T-shirt, does that count?  Okay, I heard that UGH!  I didn't think it counted but wanted to try heat stamping and that is all I could accomplish - one T-shirt - anyone remember the old iron on transfers?

Conjugate Heat Stamping Application

09/19/2022 -VRROOM! I am delivering coffee with supplies on my roof racks, in my van.  OR, that is a wish and you need to go to YouTube to see a video.

High End Rendering of the Vortex Sheding Behind a Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The video shows an iso-surface of the Q criterion for the optimal design of the roof racks configuration provided by LS-OPT.

09/11/2022 -And we are heading for YouTube, of course with coffee in our new no-spill parachute cups.  If you drop them they float via parachute to the floor!

David Tarazona
(ACE/ANSYS, Europe)

Adaptive Refinement for Porous Parachute Dynamics by FEM/FSI.
A 2D toy model for learners.

09/05 - AND here is Sept news -

08/28 - Today we have Expert Coffee Tools. Among them are Stirring Items and Cups, and now that you think I am nuts, you can visit the fundamental tools on YouTube.
C. Bell - Oaysis - Expert LS-DYNA tools - anchored comments
"Anchored"*COMMENT card support
08/22 - Today is spike heel coffee day.  Free coffee to anyone walking in wearing them.  I personally love them, although retired on a ranch is not really a place to wear them.  SO let's head on over to YouTube 
Kaizenat  - High Heels Shoes stability check by LS-DYNA -  it is necessary to have good stability of heels during normal walk as well as in case of low-speed impact. By using LS-DYNA we can ensure the stability as well as safety which may lead to ankle injury or nerve damage.
08/15 - No, I'm not parchuting in with your coffee.  This video and another one by Rodgrigo Paz you shouldn't miss - grab coffee and head over to YouTube
R. Paz - Sonar Drogue Porous Parachute in Free Fall.
08/08 - I have been doing failure models of coffee in the cups BUT I doubt you want a webinar on that topic.  SO below is better.
DYNAmore Express: Short Overview of Damage and Failure Models in LS-DYNA
Speaker: Filipe Andrada (DYNAmore GmbH)
08/01  - DYNAmore is serving up tea.  You can also order coffee!  
Fully coupled multiphysics simulation- (ICFD) in combination with
(EM)  Enjoy your personal cup of tea.
07/25 - I don't think anyone drinks coffee underwater unless in a submarine BUT we will call this week Exploding Coffee because it sounds like it has a lot of caffeine!  Or exploding with flavor? Hmmm think about it.
Lancemore - Japan - LS-DYNA Sample Models No.179 Simulation of Underwater Explosion near the floating steel structure with ALE method. (UNDEX numerical simulation)
07/18 - YES, their coffee spilled!  Bollard Monday!   I need those bollards by our ranch tree since everyone hits it!  SO let's head to YouTube because it is Bollard & Barrier Monday
Karagozian & Case, Inc.

A real-time video taken during successful testing of a K-12 surface mounted bollard system at the Karco Testing Facility in California.
Avon Barrier manufacture anti terrorist security barriers, roadblockers, bollards and gates, crash tested to PAS 68 IWA14-1 & ASTM 2656F-07 equiv to K12
07/04 - LEAP  - Today we are having Lego made coffee cups BUT since it didn't quite work the way I wanted it is better to look at what LEAP created below
LEAP Australia - View *inside* our LEGO Sydney Opera House Augmented Reality experience created in Vuforia Studio
06/27 - Rodgrigo parachuted in for coffee.  SO we need to all go watch his video using the ICFD/FSI solver of LS-DYNA.  You need to get a demo license if you don't know it!!!!
Rodrigo Paz-Deployment of the Orion's Porous Parachute by FEM-FSI modeling.  our development in the ICFD/FSI solver of LS-DYNA.
06/13  - Pick your favorite coffee, grab something for notes and let's learn from C. Schmied.   Okay, take two cups of coffee.  Fine, grab a doughnut - now let's go to YouTube!
C. Schmied, Dynamore- Solid Element Formulations in LS-DYNA
06/06  I am SO late opening this morning I am not going to say anything but grab coffee - head to YouTube!
Luri Engineeering

ECE R-17 Luggage Retention Test with LS-DYNA

                  Sincerely, Marsha J. Victory