11-23 - M. Lilja - Incremental Damage Model for Fatigue Life Assessment in Complete Machinery Simulation
11-16 - X. Zhu - A Dedicated Forming Package LS-FORM for Stamping Simulation with LS-DYNA
11-09 - T. Legaud - Use of Prepreg Carbon and Aluminum in Satellite Shielding Submitted to High Velocity Impacts
11-02 - T. Fokylidis - Performing DOE Studies in Occupant Protection Using BETA CAE Tools

10-26 - M. Seulin - Drag Coefficient Optimization for a Sports Car Using the Coupling Between LS-DYNA® ICFD Solver, LS-OPT® and DEP MeshWorks Software
10/19 - Y.V. Novozhilov - Aircraft NPP Impact Simulation Methodology
10/12 -  J. Puryear - Wear Analysis of Machinery Componentsin Buildings
10/05 - D. Grindle -  Further Validation of the Global Human Body Model Consortium 50th Percentile Male Pelvis Finite Element Model
 B. Paul - Driving Through Flooded Road
Maarten Rikken - Demonstrating LS-DYNA®’s Capabilities in Welding Simulations by Experiments
Shigan Deng - The Shotgun Pellets Interior Ballistics Analysisby Discrete Element Method (DEM) of LS-DYNA
Katharina Stielau
Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor (aPLI)
 H. Abdulhamid - Ballistic Behaviour of UHMWPE Composite Material: Experimental Characterization and Numerical Simulation
N. Matsuura - Development of Simple Connection Model for Plastic Parts in Low-Speed Crash Simulation