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Maarten Rikken - Demonstrating LS-DYNA®’s Capabilities in Welding Simulations by Experiments
Shigan Deng - The Shotgun Pellets Interior Ballistics Analysisby Discrete Element Method (DEM) of LS-DYNA
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Katharina Stielau
Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor (aPLI)
Chun Liu
A Unified SPH-DEM-FEM Approach for Modelingof Debris Flow Impacts on Protective Structures
M.S. Hamid
A Simple Ejection Mitigation Device to Increase Survival of Standing Gunner

 S. Savaruai - A Full-Field Calibration Approach on Material Parameter Identification  
E. Irmak - Modeling the Energy Absorption Characteristics of Wood Crash Elements
 H. Abdulhamid - Ballistic Behaviour of UHMWPE Composite Material: Experimental Characterization and Numerical Simulation
N. Matsuura - Development of Simple Connection Model for Plastic Parts in Low-Speed Crash Simulation
B. Fröhlich - Virtual Testing of Curved Vehicle Restraint Systems
H. Balaban - Blast Detonated by Impact Simulation
F. Andrade - A Hosford-Based Orthotropic Plasticity Model in LS-DYNA
T. Tryland - A Simple Material Model for Composite Based on Elements with Realistic Stiffness
D. Sihling - Setting up a Hot Stamping Simulation considering Tool Heating with OpenForm
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L. Benito Cia (GNS) - Airbag Folding for LS-DYNA using Generator4
G. Blankenhorn - Using a Rolls-Royce representative engine model to evaluate scalability of LS-DYNA thermal solvers
K. Saito - A New Modelling for Damage Initiation and Propagation of Randomly-Oriented Thermoplastic Composites
  W. Lietz - Undamped Extension of a Nose Landing Gear
M. Schill  - Simulation of Sheet Metal Forming using Elastic Dies
March FEA Information News Magazine Issue
  D. Aggromito - Application of Impact Simulation for Protective Barrier Design 
T. Klöppel - LS-DYNA Developments in the Structural Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver
A. Rühl, - Bolted Joint Connections of FRP-Components in Submarines Subjected to Underwater Shock
D. Aspenberg - Topology Optimization of a U-Bend Tool using LS-TaSC
R. Leonardi - Evaluate the dynamic friction coefficient for the transient phase of rubber-ice sliding interaction
 E. Yreux -Implicit SPH in LS-DYNA for Automotive Water Wading Simulations
A. Basudhar (LST) Adaptive Sampling using LS-OPT