paper  LS-DYNA Paper

08/19/2019 - BatMac: A Battery Macro Model to Simulate a Full Battery in an Electric or Hybrid Car Crash  - P. L‘Eplattenier, I. Caldichoury (LSTC)

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08/12/2019 - A. Metzger, (KIT) The Use of LS-DYNA for the Development of a Topology-Optimized Thin-Walled Shell Structure Manufactured by Die-Less-Hydroforming

08/05/2019 - L. Rorris (Beta CAE Systems) - The ANSA / LS-DYNA approach for IGA Simulations

07/29/2019 - G. Luraghi, (Politecnico di Milano)
 The Effect of Element Formulation on FSI Heart Valve Simulations

07/22/2019 - J. F. Berntsen, (NTNU) - Modelling of Bonded Component Tests, Comparing MAT_240 to State of the Art Models

07/15/2019 - M. Schneider, (Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung) - The Benefit of True Fracture Strain on Material Model Parametrization

07/08/2019 - 4a Engineering - P. Reithofer - Failure Modeling of Unreinforced and Fiberreinforced Thermoplastics

07/01/2019 - The ARAI- N. A. Kulkarni - A cohesive model for ice and its verification with tensile splitting tests.

06/24/2019 - Technische Univ. Hamburg- Hauke Herrnring  - A cohesive model for ice and its verification with tensile splitting tests.

06/17/2019 - Sinteff Mfg. - T. Tryland - A Simple Material Model for Composite Based on Elements with Realistic Stiffness

06/10/2019 - Australian National Univ. - J. Pottas - Springback in Assembly of Mirror Panels with Stamped Supports for Concentrating Solar Power Applications

06/03/2019 - US Army Natick Soldier Research - T. Rose - Simulation & Testing Assessment of Cruciform Parachutes using LS-DYNA ALE

05/27/2019 - IRSN -  N. Van Dorsselaer - Experiments and Simulations of Explosives: Shock Wave Propagation around a Convex Structure

05/20/2019 - United States Steel - X. Chen - Calibration of GISSMO Model for Fracture Prediction of A Super High Formable Advanced High Strength Steel

05/13/2019 - BETA CAE Systems - A. Kaloudis - ACP-OpDesign: Optimal Design Gateway: Reveal the Path to Optimized Products

05/06/2019 - Ford Motor Company - Meso-scale Modeling of Carbon Fiber Composites for Crash Simulation -  - D. Lam - 

04/29/2019 - Karagozian & Case, Inc - Effect of Explosive Charge Geometry on Boundary Surface Peak Pressure with Regard to Standoff Distance - J. Hamilton

04/22/2019 - Univ. of Cincinnati - A Non-Linear Strain-rate Micro-mechanical Composite material Model for Impact problems - A. Tabiei -

04/15/2019 - Honda Research Inst. Europe GmbH - Design Domain Dependent Preferences for Multi-disciplinary Body-In-White Concept Optimization - N. Aulig -

04/08/2019 - 4a Engineering - Material Models for Thermoplastics in LS-DYNA® from Deformation to Failure - P. Reithofer -

04/01/2019 -  ABS Group Calculation of the Velocity and Shape of an Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) Using Axisymmetric ALE - J. Puryear